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Simple vimrc set up using Vundle

Getting started

To get started using this exact repo, clone and make it ~/.vim.

You need to manually install Vundle itself:

$ mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

Then symlink ~/.vimrc to ~/.vim/vimrc (after moving any existing ~/.vimrc you have to ~/.vim/.)

Start vim and run :PluginInstall to download the bundles from the remote sources. Restart vim to be safe and enjoy the awesomeness.


This file, vimrc, and the contents of the ftdect directory are my original work and are released under the unlicense. See the file UNLICENSE for the full license. Other files in this repository are the copyright of their original creators.

Notable plugins added

  • CtrlP is kind of like Command-T, but better! I have set to :CtrlPMixed by default, but you can change the g:ctrlp_cmd to :CtrlP for the default operation.
  • I'm currently in trial mode going from PyFlakesVim to Syntastic, partly since Syntastic can also check other languages (notably JS for me).
  • fugitive.vim is a pretty amazing Git wrapper that seems to speed up my git workflow.
  • vim-airline I've switched from using the new powerline to vim-airline since it's pure Vimscript and I've stopped using powerline for my bash prompt.