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Exquisite Corpse is a Python Module for generating a random text using the Surrealist game.

From Wikipedia:

The name is derived from a phrase that resulted when Surrealists first played the game, "Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau." ("The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine.") André Breton writes that the game developed at the residence of friends at an old house in Montparnasse, 54 rue du Château (no longer existing). Besides himself he mentions Marcel Duhamel, Jacques Prévert, Yves Tanguy and Benjamin Péret as original participants.

For example (a text generated by the script):

The substantial sun

The substantial sun winds the brief picture, the sparse bun, and the the cool governor. The uptight bead kicks the nice day and the helpful fang. Load to the the short clam, the drab ghost shine. Has the boiling frame loses the yummy cracker? Has the scrawny grandfather reported the damp yard? The strong bed briefs the fierce sidewalk and the sparkling owl. The mysterious money excites the whispering laborer, the yummy rose, and the the rich swing. The short route presses the loose boy, the uptight cent, and the the faithful lunch. The lazy fifth sews the fast wing and the yummy table. Lighten to the the hollow street, the shallow quiet misspelling. Fix to the the mysterious horse, the defeated grade tick. Has the powerful wren mended the handsome plant? The heavy writer intensifies the quick mice, the cuddly step, and the the whispering sugar. The breeze faucet realizes the proud horn and the uneven faucet. The clumsy riddle jams the salty creator and the drab camp. The heavy mice hurts the high men. Operate to the the clumsy vein, the weak honey lick. The orange sink presents the careful title. The plain butter overthrows the plain laborer and the tasteless money. Awake to the the full beetle, the handsome trip sing.

Update the paramter length_in_sentences in and then type:

python ./

This script will assemble a set of random sentences with random words selected by part of speech.


Exquisite Corpse is a Python Module for generating a random text using the surrealist game.








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