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Facilitates GeoIP lookups using MaxMind's GeoIP data files and Java APIs.
This plugin uses the MaxMind binary data files to lookup the information based on an IP address. Maxmind has
several data sets available for free and for pay. For a comprehensive list of what's available, check out
the MaxMind web site:
You will need to download a suitable datafile for the data you are interested in
Currently supported databases and fields
GeoLite Country (free) and GeoIP Country (pay):
TODO: Add Continent data
GeoLite City (free) and GeoIP City (pay):
region_code (state/provence)
TODO: Add postcode, Metro Code, Area Code, Continent
GeoIP Organization (pay)
GeoIP ISP (pay)
The following databases are not directly supported since I don't have access to them
but they may work by selecting a different database type that has the same fields and
only selecting valid fields:
GeoIP Domain (pay) - Verified working
Hack: Select "ORG" as "MaxMind DB Type" in UI
organization_name is actually the domain
GeoIP Region (pay) and GeoIP Metro (pay) - Should work
Hack: Select "CITY" as "MaxMind DB Type" in UI
Only use country_code, country_name, region_code, region_name
GeoIP Netspeed (pay) and GeoIP Accuracy (pay)
Hack: None, sorry
I18n strings, and "MaxMind DB Type" drop down
Add support for IPv6 - now available in GeoIP v1.2.4
Add Support for Netspeed Database - Hack Should Work
Add Support for DomainName Database - Hack works
Add Support for Region Database
Add Support for Metro Database
Add Support for Accuracy Radius DB
Make the file location work as a variable
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