Logs Kettle execution information to Neo4j
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Logs Kettle execution information to Neo4j

Pre-requisites for building the project:

  • Maven, version 3+
  • Java JDK 1.8
  • This settings.xml in your /.m2 directory

Downloads for Pentaho Data Integration

Building it

This is a maven project, and to build it use the following command

$ mvn clean install

Installing and configuring the plugin

After this command the plugin will be contained within a single jar file in kettle-neo4j-logging/target/kettle-neo4j-logging-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

  1. Create a folder kettle-neo4j-logging for this jar in data-integration/plugins
$ mkdir /opt/pentaho/data-integration/plugins/kettle-neo4j-logging
  1. Copy kettle-neo4j-logging-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to the kettle-neo4j-logging folder.
$ cp ./target/kettle-neo4j-logging*.jar /opt/pentaho/data-integration/kettle-neo4j-logging
  1. Next we start PDI and create an empty transform where we can place Neo4J Output Step on the canvas so that we can have an opportunity to create a connection to Neo4j. Unlike normal JDBC connections, it will not show up in other step drop downs. Creating with the Neo4j Output step will cause a file to be created in ~/.pentaho/metastore/Neo4j/Neo4j Connection defining the connection parameters. The connection name in the picture is called SimpleNEO

Neo4J Connection Details

  1. Quit PDI and edit the ~/.kettle/kettle.properties file adding a variable NEO4J_LOGGING_CONNECTION

    vim ~/.kettle/kettle.properties then add the line NEO4J_LOGGING_CONNECTION=SimpleNEO

At this point the plugin is installed and configured. When you load PDI and run jobs or transformations, they will all be logged to Neo4J.

A useful Cypher query

MATCH (n:JobEntry) RETURN n LIMIT 25

Neo4J Query Result