BCP 47/IANA language subtag data in JSON format.
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IANA Language Tags

Open Data

IANA's official repository is in record-jar format and is hard to parse. This project provides neatly organized JSON files representing that data.

See lib/data/ for all the JSON files available. The registry.json file contains all records in a flat array and meta.json contains its metadata. There's a separate JSON file for each 'scope' (e.g. macrolanguage.json) and 'type' (e.g. language.json). These files contain JSON objects keyed by tag or subtag and with the index integer for the corresponding entry in registry.json as a value. This makes lookups fast.


This project will be updated as the registry changes. Non-breaking updates will result in the patch version number being bumped.

Run make update to force an update from the latest official IANA-hosted version. The registry file format is converted to JSON automatically and the files in data/ are updated.

If there are changes, please make a pull request.


See language-tags for a Javascript API.

Credits and collaboration

Update scripts copyright (c) 2013, Matthew Caruana Galizia and licensed under and MIT license.

The JSON database is licensed an Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODC-BY).

Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to raise an issue or pull request. Enjoy.