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A simple Dracula-inspired spicetify/spicetify-cli skin
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A simple Dracula-inspired spicetify-cli/spicetify skin. Made for my own use.

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Instructions (for spicetify-cli, I haven't used spicetify)

  1. Install spicetify-cli and run setup instructions.
  2. Clone this repository and copy the files to the corresponding directories (creating them if they don't already exist):

Windows: %userprofile%\.spicetify\Themes\SpicetifyDefault

Linux: ~/.spicetify/Themes/SpicetifyDefault

MacOS: ~/spicetify_data/Themes/SpicetifyDefault

  1. Run spicetify apply. The changes should be applied in your Spotify client.

Note for Windows and Linux users

The font "Helvetica Neue" is used by default, which isn't available on typical Windows and Linux machines. To fix this, replace "Helvetica Neue" with the font of your choice in the user.css file. After making any changes, run spicetify apply.

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