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- Blogs can now be configured to use HTML instead of BBCode
- Tags now follow the rel-tag microformat standard
- Blog module is now translatable
- The entries shown on the BlogHolder when not browsing by date/tag can now be restricted to only show entries that are younger than a user specified age
- The RSS feed name can now be changed in the CMS
- Added support for receiving trackback pings
- Added SubscribeRSSWidget for linking directly to the blog RSS feed
- Tag widget title is now editable
- Added empty relationship statics so BlogEntry and BlogHolder can be decorated by a DataObjectDecorator
- Use pagination summary, so a full list of pages isnt generated
- Added Date variable to RSSWidget feed items, so Date can be used in template if wanted
- Cast Title variable on RSSWidget feed items, so Title can have Text functions called in the template if wanted
- Removed deprecated calls to sapphire, and made other fixes to support sapphire 2.3.0
- Don't use PHP short tags
- Don't display $Content on a BlogHolder, as it isnt editable in the CMS
- Prevent infinite loops when an RSSWidget on a blog points to itself
- Fix URL segment generation
- RSS feed is now sorted by date, newest first
- Fixed pagination
- Fixed summaries on BlogHolder
- Fixed issues with display by month when blog post is on last month of the day
- BlogEntry::Tags() was renamed to TagsCollection() to prevent conflicts with the database fields called Tags
- Fixed invalid use of single quotes in BlogEntryForm HTML
- Fixed extra <p> tags around blog content
- Default parent needs to be a string instead of an array
- Fixed escaping in BlogHolder
- Use themedCSS instead of hardlinking paths
- Fixed rss feed caching
- Fixed archive widget showing months and years for unpublished posts
- SetDate doesn't need to be called, as the date is automatically set
Initial release