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Generate translation json files for i18n-webpack-plugin

i18n-webpack-plugin is great, but making translation files can be a big manual job! This script will search your app and generate translation json files for you. It's actually not tied to i18n-webpack-plugin at all. In fact I use it with my own translation function that is called at runtime. For that reason I provide the option to make your keys transformed to snake-case. This is my personal preference.

Basic Example


  scripts: {
    "i18n-generate": "i18n-generate -d src -l 'de cn'"

App code

  <span>{__('oh hi, I need to be translated')}</span>
  <span>{__('this script will save me *NUMBER* hours').replace('*NUMBER*', 73)}</span> // variable replacement

Output translation json - send it to the translator. Regenerating it won't delete existing translations.

    "oh hi, I need to be translated": "!!oh hi, I need to be translated",
    "this script will save me *NUMBER* hours": "!!this script will save me *NUMBER* hours"


npm i i18n-webpack-plugin-generate-json --save-dev


  1. add a script (see example package.json)
  2. npm run i18n-generate


  • -d, -directory, REQUIRED, default [none]
  • -f, -functionName, default [__]
  • -o, -outputDirectory, default [translations]
  • -l, -languages, default ['en']
  • -t, -transformise, default [false] : Transformises using lower snake case whilst preserving the * character to be used for variable substitution. e.g. the key for __('i have *number* ducks') is 'i_have_*number*_ducks'
  • -p, -prefix, default [!!] : The prefix is so you can see visually what translations have been mapped in your application. It also allows this script to regenerate your un-translated sentences.

Advanced Example using lower-snake-case keys

  import { transformise } from 'i18n-webpack-plugin-generate-json';

  // custom translate function
  export function translate(translations, key) {
    const translation = translations[transformise(key)];
    if (translation) return translation;    
    return key;

Example React + Webpack project


  1. The script searches for the functionName and expects the contents to start with a single or double quote. This is because translations are static, so the contents of your functionName must also be static.

This won't work

<span>{__(`twelve ${animal}s`)}</span>


<span>{__('twelve *ANIMAL*s').replace('*ANIMAL*', animal)}</span>

This won't work

<span>{__(isHello ? 'hello' : 'hi')}</span>


<span>{isHello ? __('hello') : __('hi')}</span>


Matt Colman