zip archive processing for Cocoa - iPhone and OS X
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ZipArchive lets Mac OS X / iOS apps read and write to ZIP archive files.


Thanks to the following contributors to the Objective-C ZipArchive library:

  • acsolu
  • Matt Connolly (@mattconnolly)
  • Edward Patel (@epatel)
  • kajinka13
  • David Keegan (@kgn)
  • Yuri (@Wert1go)
  • Hyunwoo Nam (@namenu)
  • OpenFibers
  • Wiley Kestner (@wileykestner)
  • turenus
  • David Feshbach

Special Thanks to the minizip authors:

  • Gilles Vollant - Original MiniZip author
  • Even Rouault - ZIP64 unzip Support
  • Daniel Borca - BZip Compression method support in unzip
  • Mathias Svensson - ZIP64 zip support
  • Mathias Svensson - BZip Compression method support in zip


Portions of ZipArchive are licensed under the original minizip license. See the minizip headers for details. All other parts of this project are licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.