A Python 3 application that displays movies and trailers on an HTML page using TheMovieDB API.
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Movie Site

By Matt Cook

What this project is

This is a Python application that creates a responsive HTML page populated with current movies - including title, poster, trailer, and overview.


This project is built for Python 3.x. You can download python here. Also required is your own API key for TheMovieDB.

How to run

Download this repository as a zip file, or clone it onto your machine. Change your working directory to this.

NOTE: As mentioned above, you need an API key from TheMovieDB. In the file now_playing.py, you need to insert your API key in line 6, replacing the text "APIKEYGOESHERE."

Once you have inserted your API key, type the following code:

python3 now_playing.py

This is all you have to do - your default web browser will open the page.

Files included

  • media.py - This file defines the 'Movie' class.
  • page_builder.py - Contains the templating information and the procedure that assembles the final page.
  • now_playing.py - Assembles a list of movies from TheMovieDB, and runs the page_builder. This file is the main executable.

Extra Credit

  • This project is the first in the Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree through Udacity. The project prompt provided a file to create the front end of the site from the provided data structure. I deleted the given file and learned how to create this entire project from the ground up, including styling and creating/processing files on the OS level.
  • Instead of using preset data of movies to populate the page, I learned how to use TheMovieDB API to populate this application with the first page of results from a query that lists movies now in theaters.