A reporting tool for a news website's database.
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SQL Reporting Tool

What is it?

This is a reporting tool for a news website's database. It takes in information from 3 tables - log, authors, and articles - and returns the top 3 most viewed articles, authors, and any dates where the error rate was greater than 1%.


There is a utility query() procedure to prevent unnecessary repetition of code in connecting to/querying the database.

There are three procedures that each use the query procedure to return some data, and then I used Python3 to turn that data into something human-readable.

top_articles() returns the top 3 articles, along with views.

top_authors() returns the top 3 authors, along with views.

percent_errors() returns any dates for which the error rate exceeded 1%, along with the actual error rate as a percentage.

Finally, print_report() runs these three procedures, printing the full report.

How to run

1. Software

You need this Vagrant virtual machine. It runs via Vagrant with VirtualBox as the provider. Both must be installed.

2. Data

Download this data set. Unzip, and move the news.sql file into the vagrant directory within the virtual machine setup you downloaded as part of step one.

3. Run the virtual machine

In your terminal application, CD into the same vagrant directory.

Run $ vagrant up to start the virtual machine, then $ vagrant ssh to connect to it via SSH.

4. Load the data into the news database

Run the following to load the data:

$ psql -d news -f newsdata.sql

-d news connects to the news database that is already set up.

-f newsdata.sqlruns the newsdata.sql file, setting up the tables and importing all of the data.

5. Run the report

Get out of the psql prompt - ctrl - z in my case.

Run $ python3 news-db-report.py on the virtual machine, and the report will be printed out.


To see what the output looks like in the console, check out the included example-out.txt file.