You too can create a fully functional REST web service in only three classes!
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REST Web Service in only Three Classes

This demo shows off how you can create a fully functional -- albeit simple -- REST app with only three classes. For further info, see my blog -- Smoke and Ice

Building and Running

This project includes a Gradle build script, and the Gradle wrapper -- running it is simple:

./gradlew build

Running it is also simple:

./gradlew bootRun

What do I do with it?

Well, it's just a demo, so there's not much to do, but once you have it running, you can access the following URL's:

The JSON format for creating, editing and retrieving data is simple:

    "firstName": "Barry",
    "lastName": "White",
    "email": ""

What else do I do with it?

There's really nothing else here -- play around, expand it, and use the knowledge you just gained on your next project!