An attempt to make the iText API not the most terrible thing in the world.
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The iText API is extremely painful. This is an effort to make it less so by wrapping the Java bindings in more friendly interfaces.


  • Simplified PdfReader instance generation
  • ...more coming soon...

Example Usage

(pdf<- "/path/to/sample.pdf")

returns a PdfReader instance with the following metadata:

  • :bookmarks
  • :pagecount
  • :filename

Using metadata removes the need to write extra code in your application to get this information. It can be accessed via meta, e.g. (meta (pdf<- "/path/to/sample.pdf")).

Also included is the burst fn:

(burst (pdf<- "/path/to/sample.pdf"))

This fn takes a PDF with n pages and explodes it into n PDF files, one for each page. Its return value is a list of the new filenames. (By default, for a file named sample.pdf, the new filenames will be sample-n.pdf, with n representing the index of that page in the master document.)

To Do

  • Smooth out PdfWriter instantiation & interaction (this is the hairiest wart on the iText API, IMO)
  • Other human-friendly improvements to the API as they come up.


Copyright © 2012 Matt DeBoard

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.