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I've linked my "major" (relatively speaking of course) projects below. If you're interested in seeing my contributions to existing open-source projects they're freely available on my github. If you have any questions please contact me.


Shrink-Link: A URL shortener written in Clojure using the Noir web framework and the Korma SQL DSL.

SavedSearch: Django plugin to extend the excellent Haystack app. It provides support for user-defined, persistent queries.

Yukmarks (github): A pinboard clone I started explicitly to learn more about databases and get my feet wet with Django. I still update and maintain it regularly. I also still use it, actually, almost a year later. Eating my own dog food and all that.

Python-USDOL: Python wrapper for the US Dept. of Labor API. There's also a Clojure variant.

Admin-Sentry: A Django plugin to provide better representation of the Django admin logs. Inspired by David Cramer's Sentry.