A resource-oriented client for Trello's REST API
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trello-py-api is a client for Trello's REST API. There are already a couple [1] [2] of working Python API clients for Trello, so why another?

The main reason is that I wanted to explore writing a REST API client without the concepts of Client objects or Connection instances. Those don't really fit how I think of REST APIs anymore. I'm just trying to figure out what a Resource-oriented REST API client would look like, and how it would behave. If a RESTful web service/REST API "is a collection of resources" [3], maybe the client should match that metaphor.

It doesn't seem like there's a consensus on what REST API clients should look like. That being said my brain did start churning when I read Google's Client Design document. They use a Resource class as the center of gravity for their API client framework. At this point I'm dropping in some of the concepts of django-tastypie (mostly metaprogramming wrt Options metaclasses for Resource classes) and seeing how that shakes out.

I'd be interested in hearing feedback.

[3]Wikipedia entry on REST