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import os
from yuk.forms import MySearchForm
from yuk.settings import SITE_URL, MEDIA_URL, BLUEPRINT_PATH
from yuk.localsettings import SITE_URL as LOCAL_SITE_URL
from yuk.localsettings import MEDIA_URL as LOCAL_MEDIA_URL
from yuk.localsettings import BLUEPRINT_PATH as LOCAL_BLUEPRINT_PATH
def site_url_processor(request):
if os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] == 'yuk.localsettings':
return {'site_url': LOCAL_SITE_URL,
'media_url': LOCAL_MEDIA_URL,
'blueprint_path': LOCAL_BLUEPRINT_PATH}
return {'site_url': SITE_URL,
'media_url': MEDIA_URL,
'blueprint_path': BLUEPRINT_PATH}
def text_area_processor(request):
'''Processor to make handling text area widgets in templates a little
return {'text_areas':['url_desc', 'notes', 'quote']}
def search_processor(request):
return {'search_form': MySearchForm()}
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