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Added a stderr to for update_index in

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1 parent bea6ea6 commit ad54546b13a6c47ee172cc3c1f74148905bcfdc0 @mattdeboard committed May 7, 2011
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@@ -16,10 +16,10 @@ def update():
with open('/a/') as f:
mattwhoosh =['sudo', 'chown', '-R',
- 'matt:matt', whoosh_dir], stderr=f)
+ 'matt:matt', whoosh_dir])
update_index =[domain_dir+'bin/python',
appdir+'', 'update_index'],
- stdout=f)
+ stderr=f)
apachewhsh =['sudo', 'chown', '-R',
'www-data:www-data', whoosh_dir])
apachereload =['sudo',

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