an extension of budo dev server that supports live script injection
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(click for demo)

A browserify dev server on top of budō, providing live script injection for Chrome. On filesave, this can make updates to animations and graphics without destroying application state.

Under the hood, this uses v8 LiveEdit through Chrome's Remote Debugging protocol. The technology is still experimental, and may not be suitable yet for widespread production use.

# install the tool
npm install -g budo-chrome

# now run our dev server
budo-chrome index.js --open

💡 You may need to quit all running instances of Chrome before continuing.

This should open Chrome with the remote debugger attached. Changing index.js will incrementally update a bundle.js file and inject the new source into Chrome.

Props to @caspervonb for the early groundwork.


See the docs for information on how to get set up. See the demo and its source code for an example of how it looks in practice.



    budo-chrome [entries] [opts]

    --open          open a new instance of Chrome
    --remote-port   remote debugging port, default 9222

The other options are passed along to budō and browserify/watchify.


MIT, see for details.