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multiple bundles with budo
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A complete example of an advanced budo script for development & build that handles:

  • Multiple input and output bundles (using factor-bundle)
  • Optional compression with Terser
  • Super-fast ES6 to ES5 with SWC
  • A visual directory listing when you hit the root / index, allowing you to choose which HTML to open

This project includes three scripts:

  • npm run start (or npm start) — runs the LiveReload development server

  • npm run bundle — bundles your input files into the static public/ folder

  • npm run serve — runs a bare-bones HTTP server for testing the built files locally.

    • (you probably shouldn't run this in a production AWS environment)

All of the meat is in the ./tools/bundler.js script.

💡 This branch uses SWC for ES6-to-ES5 transpiling — see the babelify branch for an alternative approach using Babel.


Budo has a special feature that suspends the server's response until browserify has fully completed writing its bundle, but this only works on the common.js file.

So there is a chance with this multi-bundle setup that you will hit "stale" bundles occasionally. This can happen if the browser page reloads before the split bundles had a chance to be fully written to the disk.

You can try to solve this by increasing the config.delay option in the bundle script.

Bringing this Into Your Own Project

If you don't want to clone this repo, you can:

  • Add a .swcrc file to your project directory (if you plan to use SWC — however you can just strip that from the build or replace it with your favourite Babel, Buble, etc)

  • Copy the bundler.js script and package.json "script" fields into your project

  • Run the following to install dev dependencies:

    npm install --save-dev budo factor-bundle serve-index terser browserify concat-stream swcify @swc/core

Why Not Webpack, Parcel, etc?

Because I prefer programmable workflows to configuration files.


MIT, see for details.

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