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tests and examples

To run the budō tests or example from source, first clone the repo and install its dependencies.

git clone
cd budo
npm install

The tasks are run with the "scripts" field in package.json.

running tests

Now you can run the following to see the unit tests:

npm test

running the examples

See the package.json "scripts" field for how these work.


To run the example:

npm start

Now when you open localhost:9966 you should see a simple 2D canvas scene with an image. If you update the example/index.js source, you will see watchify emitting logs in the console. Refreshing the page will show the new bundle.

live reload

To run the example with live reloading:

npm run live

Again, open localhost:9966 and try making changes to example/app.js, example/index.html or example/theme.css. The CSS should be injected without a page refresh, and HTML/JS content will trigger a page reload.

other examples

LESS on the fly

See budo-less for an example of how you can integrate LESS into budo, giving you the same rapid development cycle and CSS injection without any need to write files to disk during development.