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Font and GUI packing tools for LibGDX
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Bitmap Font packing tool built on the gdx-FreeType extension

This project is in early stages. If you find a bug or want a new feature, you can open an issue.



  • Supports TTF, OTF, and any other format supported by freetype2
  • Packs multiple fonts and sizes into a single atlas
  • Supports multiple texture pages
  • Drop shadow / outer glow effects
  • Adjustable padding and texture-packer spacing
  • Export as AngelCodeFont XML or text file


Download the latest standalone jar here:
version 1.0



  • Documentation:
    • Using the GUI
    • Using the command line
    • Building from source
  • Other effects like outline and gradient
  • Advanced settings:
    • "Flip" parameter
    • Supersampling
  • (eventually) Vector output
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