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a soft gradient background in WebGL
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Creates a soft gradient background with noise, suitable for your sweet WebGL demos!


Also see three-vignette-background for a ThreeJS version of this module, with a slightly different API and noise algorithm.


npm install gl-vignette-background --save


var createBackground = require('gl-vignette-background')

// get a WebGL canvas
var gl = require('webgl-context')()

// create your background
var background = createBackground(gl)

function render () {
  var width = gl.drawingBufferWidth
  var height = gl.drawingBufferHeight

  gl.viewport(0, 0, width, height)
  gl.clearColor(0, 0, 0, 1)
  // set some flags before drawing

  // setup some fancy style (optional)
  var radius = Math.max(width, height) * 1.05{
    // xy scale
    scale: [ 1 / width * radius, 1 / height * radius ],
    // aspect ratio for vignette
    aspect: 1,
    // radial gradient colors A->B
    color1: [ 1, 1, 1 ],
    color2: [ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ],
    // smoothstep low/high input
    smoothing: [ -0.5, 1.0 ],
    // % opacity of noise grain (0 -> disabled)
    noiseAlpha: 0.35,
    // whether or not the noise is monochromatic
    coloredNoise: true,
    // offset the vignette
    offset: [ -0.05, -0.15 ]

See demo/index.js for a full-screen example.



var bg = createBackground(gl [, style])

Creates a background quad with some default options (bright and soft white gradient in the center, using the current canvas size for aspect ratio).

You can provide style to override some defaults, e.g:

bg = createBackground(gl {
	color1: [ 1, 0, 0]

See styling

Style the background with the given overrides in the specified object. Acts the same as the styling options passed to constructor.


Draws the quad.


Disposes the quad and its shader.


The following options are stylable:

  • aspect: a float for aspect ratio; typically set whenever the background size changes
  • smoothing: a vec2 representing the low and high end for the smooth function
  • noiseAlpha: the opacity of the random noise (set to zero to disable)
  • coloredNoise: a bool for whether noise is enabled, 1 for chromatic, 0 for monochrome
  • offset: the position vec2 offset, normalized. [0, 0] is center (default), [-0.5, -0.5] will be top left
  • scale: the vec2 amount to scale the gradient, normalized. default is [1, 1]
  • color1: the first [r, g, b] color in the gradient, default white
  • color2: the second [r, g, b] color in the gradient, default black

running the demo

Git clone this repo, run npm install, then npm start and open localhost:9966.


MIT, see for details.

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