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Blender Template: Normal Map Pass

Renders the scene as a tangent-space normal map pass.


#Set Up

  • If you're using a different coordinate system, adjust the colors and positions of your hemi lights as necessary.
  • Use the "WhiteNormalMaterial" on your objects to ensure proper illumination.
  • Ensure your objects are centered correctly, for e.g. xyz=(0, 0, 0).
  • Use ortho projection (Numpad 5) and front (Numpad 1), then Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 0 to set the camera to that view.
  • In order to render correctly, the template uses None as the Display Device and Raw for Color Space (in Scene > Color Management).


Idea from Roy Schulz:

Project by Matt DesLauriers (davedes). More details to come in a later article: