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@@ -253,6 +253,7 @@ If you're writing small CommonJS modules, you typically won't need to have any t
Many npm scripts depend on Unix-only or bash-only features. If you want to make sure your scripts are platform-independent, keep these in mind:
* Only use cross-shell operators: `>`, `>>`, `<`, `|`, `&&` and `||`. They work in POSIX-compliant shells (bash, sh, zsh) and Windows Command Prompt. You can use tools like [concurrently]( to run commands sequentially or in parallel.
* Avoid single quotes (`'`). Use escaped double quotes (`\"`) instead.
* Instead of platform-specific tools, use node modules with a CLI – for example [`mkdirp`]( instead of `mkdir`, [`cpy`]( instead of `cp`, [`mve`]( instead of `mv`, or [`rimraf`]( instead of `rm`
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