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Intro to Creative Coding

This repository includes resources & course notes for students attending my Intro to Creative Coding workshops, demonstrating p5.js and Tone.js.

The idea and layout of the demos is heavily inpsired by Mark Webster's Designing Programs.


Course Demos


Here is a list of tools and libraries that will be used during the workshop.

Tool Documentation Version Description
A browser A modern browser, Chrome is recommended
Glitch Help An online platform for editing & sharing JavaScript projects
p5.js API Docs 0.9.0 A JavaScript graphics library for creative coding
Tone.js API Docs 13.8.25 A JavaScript audio library for playing synths and sounds

Code Snippets

I've also included a small "recipes" document that you can use as a reference if you are forgetting some of the patterns and recipes discussed during the workshop.

Further Reading

More links to generative art & creative coding:


MIT, see for details.

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