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The Redox project repository

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The Redox project is an open-source, QMK (Quantum Mechanical Keyboard Firmware) powered, ergonomic split mechanical keyboard. This repository will be used to share information about the project and instruction on how to use and assemble the Redox keyboard.


Designer's bio: Mattia Dal Ben (aka u/TiaMaT102) obtained a master's degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science at the University of Udine. Currently works as a Software Engineer in R&D department for a big IoT and Embedded Computers company. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast and maker, the Redox keyboard is the result of all of his passions.


The Redox is a keyboard project designed with ergonomics in mind. It uses Cherry MX style mechanical switches laid out in a 7x5 columnar stagger layout with components that can easily be sourced.

The design was heavily inspired by the Ergodox keyboard, and its main goal is to reduce the size without sacrificing too many keys, hence the name Reduced Ergodox.

As an Ergodox user I couldn't ignore the few flaws of the original design and in a moment of arrogance I tried to fix them, thus the Redox features:

  • Easier to reach thumb cluster.
  • Additional easy-to-reach rotated 1.25u thumb key.
  • Reduced size.
  • Reduced costs (the Redox uses Arduino Pro Micro instead of the Teensy 2.0).
  • Either half can be plugged in to the PC since each half can act as the master.
  • Either half can work as a standalone keyboard to be used as a macropad/gaming keyboard.
  • RGB backlighting support.
  • 3D-printer friendly case.
  • Wireless see section below
  • VIA compatible (thanks to Harshit Goel)
  • ZMK firmware compatible (thanks to toddmok)
  • KMK firmware compatible

Related Projects

Wireless Implementations

The Redox keyboard uses three different wireless implementations, differentiated by firmware:

  • QMK based: Leveraging the Gazel protocol. It needs its own PCB and a receiver dongle (see Redox Wireless for details) and needs three YJ-14015 MCUs + a Pro Micro compatible controller.
  • ZMK based: Leveraging the Bluetooth protocol. It is based on the Redox wired PCB and the nice!nano controller.
  • KMK based: Adding Bluetooth Split code to boards/redox/ Combined with a compatible wireless controller completes wireless configuration. Would advice adding Bluetooth keycodes in keymap; keyboard.keymap element in

The notable differences for the three implementations are as follows:

  • Battery life: QMK Redox Wireless uses two CR2032 coin cell batteries which last approximately one year (YMMV), while the nice!nano support LiPo rechargable batteries (you can choose the capacity you want but expect them to last for a few weeks on a single charge).
  • Flexibility: The receiver dongle limits the flexibility of QMK Redox Wireless.
  • Cost: The 3x YJ-14015 + Pro Micro combo is cheaper than two wireless controllers required for ZMK and wireless KMK.
  • Range: Bluetooth implementations, of ZMK and KMK, should be more capable than what can be achieved with the QMK Redox Wireless (At this point in time, I lack the evidence to support these claims though).

Physical Key Layout

Redox layout


Size Qty Notes
1.5u 6
1.25u 10 You can get away with 8 if you use two 1u keycaps for the 1.25u rotated keys
1u 54

ℹ️ On site you can find a SA 1976 keyset kit specifically made for the Redox keyboard: the "Ergo Redox kit (12 keys)".


In partnership with Falbatech you can now use the code "mattdibi05" on Falbatech's store for a 5% OFF special discount.


If you've read this far and found something useful, please consider donating to help me maintain and further develop this project.

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