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Backbone Multipage Boilerplate

Why another backbone boilerplate?

No reason really. I just wanted to share my setup.

What it uses


  • Bower - We need this to manage our libraries
  • Node - We need this to concat and minify our build using r.js


Clone this repository

git clone

Go into the js/ directory

cd backbone-multipage-boilerplate/js

Install the dependencies

bower install

Create your build


Load the goodies

Include this script tag in your page.

<script id="js-main" data-page="js/dist/home" src="js/dist/main.js"></script>
  • src refers to your global javascript.
  • data-page refers to your page specific javascript.

Adding a new page

Add this to the modules in js/build/build.js

	name: 'name-of-page',
	exclude: ['main']

Create a corresponding javascript file in the js/src/ directory. In this case, js/src/name-of-page.js