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Create Toggl entries from Emacs org-mode CLOCK entries
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Create Toggl time tracking entries from Emacs org-mode CLOCK entries, by assigning TOGGL_PID and TOGGL_TID properties to your org headings.

See below for how to use the script. The command runs Emacs from the CLI and exports your org data as a JSON file to $ It then processes the JSON in Python and uploads the relevant data to the Toggl API. I've implemented it like this beacuse it's easy to develop and automate / run as a cron job.


  • pip install -r requirements.txt to install the Python dependencies.

  • Emacs should have the json.el library installed. This is part of GNU Emacs since 23.1 (2008).


  • The main command is <config_path> <org_file_path> [<extra_emacs_files_to_load> ...].

    • config_path: Path to an org-toggl configuration file, described below.

    • org_file_path: The org file to be processed for Toggl entries.

    • extra_emacs_files_to_load: Before exporting the org file, optionally load these files in Emacs, in the given order. You can use this to eg. load some custom org-mode setup so your files are exported with the correct keywords.

  • Toggl takes priority over org-mode: a CLOCK entry is not pushed to Toggl if there is already a Toggl entry that starts within the CLOCK time period.

    • Except: CLOCK entries that start in the same minute that a Toggl entry ends are allowed, because that can naturally occur in org-mode.



# Your Toggl API token
toggl_api_token = <token>

# Your Toggl workspace ID
toggl_wsid = <id>

# CLOCK entries that have a closed time older than this are skipped
skip_clocks_older_than_days = 7

Org-mode headline properties

  • TOGGL_PID - If this value is a Toggl project ID, the entry will be assigned to that project. If this value is t, the entry will be pushed to Toggl without a project. CLOCK entries are only uploaded if TOGGL_PID has one of these values.

    • Property values are inherited: you can set this on a parent headline representing a project on Toggl, and all child headlines will have their CLOCK values uploaded.
  • TOGGL_TID - Task ID support is partially implemented, I haven't tested it yet.

  • TOGGL_IGNORE - If a parent headline has a TOGGL_PID or TOGGL_TID set, you can assign TOGGL_IGNORE to any value to ignore processing for a headline and its children.


The org-export-json function in org-export-json.el can be used to export an org-mode buffer from Emacs to a JSON file. This is adapted from a post on the org-mode mailing list by Brett Viren:

Run the function org-export-json to export the current org-mode buffer to $ You can then run <config_path> <json_path> manually.

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