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OWNER 1.0.10 Released

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@lviggiano lviggiano released this 01 Mar 14:45
· 144 commits to master since this release

After long time (more than 2 years now), and many people asking for a new release, here we are.
And here my apologies for the delay.

As you may know, I had serious health problems that kept me away from coding. Now my health is getting better, but I
feel much slower in coding and using awesome tools like IntelliJ IDEA; in the meantime, my open source license has
expired, so I hope the guys from JetBrains will be so nice to renew it :).

Also, I always found the maven release process being cumbersome so that also kept me away from the effort.
Now I took some time to simply it a little bit, and I kept some note for the future.

In this release, a huge amount of work has been conducted by contributors, and I mostly did housekeeping with
refactoring, code review, enforcing quality standards, asking for documentation and tests, and integrating the great
ideas coming from the users' community.

I took back the project recently to upgrade it to have Java 9 support, and simplify release deployment, and only now
that I am writing this release note, I realize how many things have been added and was waiting to be released.

Documentation is very important; I hadn't had the chance to keep all in sync, so many things here need to be
documented. If you think you can help, feel free to help: this website is a sub-project
owner-site, and uses Markdown language, which is very
handy and quick to learn; the structure is quite easy to follow.
Jekyll is used as site generator, which is written in Ruby and can be tricky for a Java dev
like me, but it works awesomely with github. So feel free to help there too.
There is also an ant script which allows
you to launch Jekyll and live-preview the end result of your edits.

I don't feel very comfortable in making promises, but I'd really like to give back life to this project and, for the
future, avoid such a long wait for a release.

Please notice that at the moment I am not professionally working, I closed my consultancy company years back, and
in this moment I am writing from a nice Coworking Space "ImpactHub" here in Torino.
So, let me quickly say that donations are very welcome.
Or if you want, you can hire me for some custom development on OWNER, training, or to help implementing your
This would definitely help keeping OWNER alive.

Credits to ALL the contributors of OWNER, and to the end-users of this neat library.
To you all it goes my gratitude for this release.

Thank you!



OWNER v1.0.10 contains following enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Added Java 9 support, dropped Java 6 support. All code and tests are running and built with Java 9, so you can use
    OWNER with the latest Java version. It was not trivial. If you want to use some specific feature like default
    methods in interfaces introduced in Java8, you still need to add owner-java8 dependency. I know... I didn't want to
    create a new sub-module for Java 9 and every newer versions, if it's not necessary.
  • Updated all dependencies (testing, and optional) and Maven plugins, in order to have it working with Java 9.
  • Added list() method to ConfigCache. ConfigCache is a great way to centralise configuration for various
    parts of an application. This commit adds a list() method to the ConfigCache class, which lists the keys for all
    configurations present in the cache. This allows the entire application configuration to be inspected (e.g. for
    debugging) without the need for storing cache keys elsewhere. Thanks
    @kevin-canadian, who also was so nice to update the documentation on the
  • Added @EncryptedValue and @DecryptorClass annotations to allow hiding passwords stored in configuration
    properties. See #49, thanks @rrialq
    for the implementation and the awesome documentation.
  • Added a Java 8 duration converter class: DurationConverter.class in owner-java8-extras.jar .
    Thanks @StFS.
  • Added system properties and enviroment variable as sources: example @Sources({"system:properties", "system:env"}).
    See #110. Thanks @gintau for the
    implementation and @kevin-canadian for the idea.
  • Added ByteSizeConverter and DurationConverter classes in owner-java8-extras jar, see
    #155. Thanks @StFS, also for providing
    the necessary documentation and unit tests.
  • Added the ability to register default converters for types and classes defined by users.
    See #184.
    Thanks @StFS.
  • Added inheritance support for @Sources, @LoadPolicy and @HotReload.
    Sources defined for all extended interfaces will be merged.
    LoadPolicy and HotReload can be inherited and override by the extended interface.
    Thanks chengmingwang.

Bugs fixes

  • Replaced fixBackslashForRegex with better implementation. Thanks @kiefinger.
  • Have ConfigFactory throw an exception on imported Maps having either null keys or null values.
    See #185, #184.
    Thanks @StFS.
  • Accept file URI containing spaces. Updated the uri processing to allow loading files that contain spaces in
    their paths.
    See #134. Thanks @icirellik.
  • Maps with null values cause an unclear exception. See #184.
    Thanks @StFS.
  • Set tar long file mode to posix in maven assembly plugin to avoid build errors.
    Thanks gdenning.

Site Enhancements

Downloadable artifacts are published on GitHub and
on Maven Central Repository.