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v1.0.5.1 contains following enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Java8 fixes, so now it is officially supported.
  • Added UTF-8 Support for properties files. (See #77 and
    #78, thanks @SvetaNesterenko )
  • Added [ConfigCache (Singleton)]({{ site.url }}/docs/singleton/) feature. (See #64)
  • Improved support for Android. Somebody wants to verify/help with this? (See #75)
  • Implemented variable expansion for @Key annotation. (See #63)
  • Restructured maven project to allow sub-modules.

Site Enhancements

  • Dyndns dropped free service, so updated links for Sonar, from ->
  • Documentation website minor style/layout, updates and improvements.
  • Added SlideShare presentation in home page.
  • Added Coveralls. (See #59)

Bugs fixes

  • Code cleanup, removed warnings.
  • Fixed compatibility issue on exception raised by Java7 and Java6. (See #71)