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Easy way to validate objects for a Meteor.Collection
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Meteor Easy Check

This package makes it as simple as possible to check objects, e.g. for a Meteor.Collection.

Quick Intro

Create a checker like that:

var PersonChecker = new EasyCheck({
    'name' : 'string',
    'hasCar' : {
        type : 'boolean',
        required : false

PersonChecker.check({ name :  'Peter' }); // returns true
PersonChecker.check({ something : 'random' }); // returns false


  • Use predefined self-validating insert, update and remove functions
  • Simple to create references beetween collections
  • Possibility to add custom types
  • Hook into all CRUD Operations + when there are Errors

You could use the above example and create secure Meteor.methods with it… or just add your Meteor.Collection as the 2nd parameter:

var CarsChecker = new EasyCheck({
    'company' : 'string',
    'model' : {
        type : 'string',
        maxLength : 255,
        required : false
    'isNew' : 'boolean'
}, CarsCollection); // CarsCollection is an instance of Meteor.Collection

// You now got following methods on your collection, with validation
CarsCollection.easyInsert(doc, [callback]);
CarsCollection.easyUpdate(selector, modifier, [options], [callback]);
CarsCollection.easyRemove(selector, [callback]);

How to install

mrt add easy-check

Possible configurations to a field

There's quite some options to specify the values you want to check against

    type : 'array',             // the type, such as string, number...
    required : false,           // is the field is required
    maxLength : 255,            // the maximum length
    minLength : 10,             // the minimum length
    regex: /[\w]+/,             // a regex pattern to test() against
    contains : %type%,          // only if array, can specify what type of values it contains
    references : {              // reference a collection, by a field in it
        'collection' : cars,    // collection which it references
        'fields' : '_id'        // The field which it references, default _id

Field types

  • 'string'
  • 'booolean'
  • 'array'
  • 'object'
  • 'date'
  • instanceof EasyCheck


You can also add an options object as a third parameter, for example:

new EasyCheck(schema, collection, options);

Following options can be configured:

    onInsert : function (document),  // act on an insert
    onUpdate : function (selector, modifier, options) // act on an update
    onCheckUpdatedDoc : function (document) // act on updated docs, return false = revert
    onRemove : function (id) // act on a remove
    onError  : function (errors) // act when there were errors when checking a document
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