Easy-to-use search for Meteor with Blaze Components
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Easy Search Build Status

Easy Search is a simple and flexible solution for adding search functionality to your Meteor App. Use the Blaze Components + Javascript API to get started.

import { Index, MinimongoEngine } from 'meteor/easy:search'

// On Client and Server
const Players = new Mongo.Collection('players')
const PlayersIndex = new Index({
  collection: Players,
  fields: ['name'],
  engine: new MinimongoEngine(),
// On Client
  playersIndex: () => PlayersIndex,
<template name="searchBox">
    {{> EasySearch.Input index=playersIndex }}

        {{#EasySearch.Each index=playersIndex }}
            <li>Name of the player: {{name}}</li>

Check out the searchable leaderboard example or have a look at the current documentation (v1 docs) for more information.

How to install

cd /path/to/project
meteor add easy:search