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version from pyrosetta
version from rosetta ported to python 3.

This script generates a .params file from a ligand given as a mol/sdf/mdl file or a mol2 file. The .params file is the topology file for Rosetta and has to be specified with the flag -in:file:extra_res_fa <file> (Rosetta Relax, Score etc.) and -in:file:extra_res_cen <file> (required by Remodel).


So turns out that the version shipped with Rosetta is longer and has more functionality.


I am not the author, Ian W. Davis is. I just ported this code to the 2nd decade of 21st century. So any issues, loveletters and royalty checks go to the original author.

Original script is from

There does not seem to be a version in python 3 of pyrosetta and I cannot figure out where the parts have gone that it calls. So I ported it and the three files it needs to python3.

Note that there were some additional changes required.

  • isinstance(f, file) to isinstance(f, io.IOBase) — why did they kill file in py3?
  • sort(lambda a,b: cmp(a,b)) to sort(key=lambda a: a) — cmp died with 2.
  • dot <= 0 to dt <= 0


The Rosetta version has a wee mod. It contains a method called run making it more usable as a module.

import molfile_to_params'xxx.mol2', name='XXX', amino_acid=True)

The key-arguments are the same as the ones for the parser and are written in full so the IDE can hint them.

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