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Magic mirror in my hand, tell me if my website will look ugly in production before deploying to production.


This is a wrapper around the wonderful Nightmare.js for:

  • Opening a matrix of urls and viewports with Chrome
  • Specify a set of operations to perform
  • Take a screenshot
  • Make some changes (like swapping a CSS file, changing Js or HTML)
  • Take another screenshot
  • Compare the screenshots and save a diff file with the highlighted differences

Most important features:

  • Crazy quick compare to Selenium with Phantom
  • Able to hide/show Browser
  • Works with any OS
  • Able to use DevTools and do debugging with Chrome


Build status: Unix:

Install it

$ npm install mirror-mirror

Use it

var mirror = require('mirror-mirror');

var runner = mirror();

  urls: {
    home: ''

  selector: '#nav-search',
  transform: () => {
    // Replace Amazon search with Google widget. Because it is funny.
    return '<form name="cse" id="searchbox_demo" action="">' +
            '<input type="hidden" name="cref" value="" />' +
            '<input type="hidden" name="ie" value="utf-8" />' +
            '<input type="hidden" name="hl" value="" />' +
            '<input name="q" type="text" size="40" />' +
            '<input type="submit" name="sa" value="Search" />' +
            '</form>' +
            '<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>';
  screenshotsPath: './screenshots'
});, result) => {
    home: {
      after: '/Users/mfigus/Documents/os/mirror-mirror/screenshots/home-after.png',
      before: '/Users/mfigus/Documents/os/mirror-mirror/screenshots/home-before.png',
      diff: '/Users/mfigus/Documents/os/mirror-mirror/screenshots/home-diff.png',
      isDifferent: true,
      equality: 99.82844939446368


  1. Set up an instance
  2. Configure the runner
  1. Start the runner

Set up an instance

var mirror = Mirror([NighmareOptions]);

Look at Nighmare.js options.

Configure the runner


This is an object with the following structure:

name type mandatory description
after array of functions no An array of nightmareJs actions to perform after the transformation and before the second screenshots. Look at the example below
before array of functions no An array of nightmareJs actions to perform before the first screenshots. Look at the example below
concurrency number no Default 3, is the concurrency of tests
cookies object no Allows to specify cookies to be used for each request
debug boolean no When true, shows stuff in the console
headers object no Allows to specify headers to be used for each request
retries number no Default 3, number of retries after a failing session
screenshotsPath string yes The path where to save the screenshots
selector string yes The css selector for the DOM tree you want to transform. It can be anything document.querySelector can understand
timeout number no Default 20000, when the sessions is going to be restarted
transform string or function yes The transformation to apply to the selector. If string, element will be replaced with the markup provided in the string. When function, it needs to transform a string to be replaced in the selected DOM tree. The function will have an element as parameter - the result of previous selection
urls object yes The urls to test. Key is used to generate screenshots file name so keep it simple and without spaces and stuff
viewports array of arrays no Default [[800, 600]], is an array containing all the viewport resolutions for executing the tests

Nightmare actions example

This example shows how to make a screenshot with a menu opened, assuming the transformation replaces the menu and then needs to run another javascript initialisation and then wait to complete before performing the same action again.

  before: [
    // Assuming jQuery is in the page
    nightmare => nightmare.evaluate(() => $('navbar-button').click())
  after: [
    (nightmare) => {
      return nightmare.evaluate(() => {
        window.menusReady = false;
        window.menus.initialise(() => {
          window.menusReady = true;
    nightmare => nightmare.wait(() => window.menusReady === true),
    nightmare => nightmare.evaluate(() => $('navbar-button').click())

Start the runner;

Where callback is going to have an error and/or a response with the results. If any of the requests fails, the callback will include both an error + the response with succeeding screenshot links.


Yes please. Open an issue first.




Look at your UI changes in prod before deploying to prod







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