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I use Linux Debian testing, but ebot can run on any Operating System supporting Erlang


  • erlang interpreter (for debian/ubuntu run “apt-get install erlang”): I use Erlang R14A
  • make (for debian/ubuntu run “apt-get install make”)
  • couchdb server: tested 0.11, see, for debian/ubuntu run “apt-get install couchdb”) or riak server (see
  • rabbitmq server 2_4_0 (see, for debian/ubuntu see

Erlang packages


git clone
(cd couchbeam && make)

Riak Erlang Client

git clone
(cd riak-erlang-client && make)


git clone
(cd webmachine && make)

Rabbitmq Erlang Client

In order to compile Erlang Client, you need
to dowload the sources of rabbitmq-codegen and rabbitmq-server

hg clone -r rabbitmq_v2_4_1

hg clone -r rabbitmq_v2_4_1
(cd rabbitmq-server && make)

hg clone -r rabbitmq_v2_4_1
(cd rabbitmq-erlang-client && make)


  • Download ebot from or with “git clone git://”
  • cd ebot
  • In deps/ you need to copy/link the previosly downloaded erlang packages
    - webmachine
    - rabbitmq-erlang-client
    - rabbit_common (move it from rabbitmq-erlang-client/deps)
    - couchbeam
    - riak-erlang-client (tested 0.14.1)
  • Configure your preferred db backend (Couchdb or Riak) in src/ebot.hrl
  • Configure DB port in src/ {db_port, 5984} for Couchdb or {db_port, 8087} for Riak
  • run “make”

Couchdb Backend

Create the database ebot with the web console

Riak Backend

Is the bucket “ebot” created automatically? maybe not… yes