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CompassElephantBundle Travis build status

A Bundle to use the CompassElephant library in a Symfony2 project

This bundle scans your compass projects on every request, and checks if they needs to be recompiled. It takes care of dependencies, so you can use compass with @import, sprite generation etc. without problems. Let Symfony watch your project and forget about it.


Remember that you need the CompassElephant library for this bundle to work

deps file

Add the bundle and the CompassElephant library to the deps file inside the root of your symfony project





    // ... other namespaces ...
    'Cypress'          => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',
    'CompassElephant'  => __DIR__.'/../vendor/compass-elephant/src'

Register the bundle in the AppKernel.php file inside the dev section


if (in_array($this->getEnvironment(), array('dev', 'test'))) {
    // ...other bundles ...
    $bundles[] = new Cypress\CompassElephantBundle\CypressCompassElephantBundle();


Add the configuration in your config file (for the dev environment)


            path: %kernel.root_dir%/../src/Cypress/DemoBundle/Resources/public/compass

my-compass-project is a random name for this example. Pick the name you want

path has to be an existing directory. By default, if the directory is empty, CompassElephant try to init a compass project

be gentle with your server cpu: remove the listener on production as it's not needed. You will serve static css files


    register_listener: false


Remember that the apache user needs write access to the "sass" folder, the "stylesheet" folder and the config.rb file. If you use compass defaults you will have everything inside the same project folder. You can give permission to all files inside. But you can as well change the position of the stylesheets folder to be outside the project. CompassElephant parses the config file and uses it, just remember to set the right permissions on the folders you define inside compass config file.

Add the stylesheets to your templates


{% stylesheets filter="yui_css"
    "@CypressDemoBundle/Resources/public/compass/stylesheets/screen.css" %}
    <link href="{{ asset_url }}" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
{% endstylesheets %}

without assetic

<link href="{{ asset('bundles/cypressdemo/compass/stylesheets/screen.css') }}" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />


Complete configuration reference

    register_listener: true
    compass_binary_path: "/usr/local/bin/compass"
            path: %kernel.root_dir%/../src/Cypress/BlogBundle/Resources/public/compass
            staleness_checker: finder # or native
            config_file: config.rb
            auto_init: true
  • register_listener whether to register the listener that compiles the project, if needed, on every request. Turn this off in production as you don't want to watch your scss files on every request...even if it take only 5-10 ms (be sure to upload the compiled css files during deploy)
  • compass_binary_path is useful to force a binary that is not the default one that "which compass" gets.
  • compass_projects is a collection of all the compass projects in your symfony project (maybe one for application)
  • staleness_checker define what strategy the bundle use to define if a project is "clean" or needs recompile. "finder" is the default one, and you should use it. Read the CompassElephant readme file for more on this
  • config_file is the name of te config file for compass. Defaults to config.rb, the standard one. You can use this setting to compile different stylesheets based on environment
  • auto_init if set to false disable the init feature on an empty folder. Defaults to true

Command line

There is a simple command to compile all compass projects. It's really useful for deploy procedures (capifony)

for example, in a capifony deploy you could trigger this command

./app/console cypress:compass:compile -e=prod

How it works

This bundle register an event listener that, on every request, check if the projects defined in the config_dev.yml files are in "clean" state or needs recompile.

If the project do not need to be recompiled, it adds a really small overhead to symfony. At least with the finder staleness_checker option, just the time to check a bunch of files.

If you use native implementation it's really slow. So use it only if for some reason you can't use the finder component

Read the CompassElephant readme for other useful informations

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