Plasma Winter - an account model Plasma with with zkSNARK proved state transitions. Started on ETH Singapore
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Plasma Winter: governed by SNARKs

This work is a demonstration of applying zk-SNARKs to solving blockchain scalability as a Layer 2 Plasma-like solution.

The code is meant to serve as a Proof-of-concept only and is not suitable for use in production apps. Work on the production-grade implementation is currently in progress. If you want to contribute, please contact the authors:


How to run

  • Generate a proving key
   cargo run --release --bin

It will generate a VerificationKeys.sol and proving key pk.key in a root folder.

  • Copy VerificationKeys.sol into the ./contracts/contracts/ with replacement

  • Replace a EMPTY_TREE_ROOT with value 0x09d809ed651bf1f19906bd7c170e1736176d3fbb2053e702dbbc2a8eed3e929f. It's a root hash of demo server with pregenerated 1000 accounts

  • Run the migration by making a proper adjustments in file

  • Run server:

    • Change by inserting proper URLs, addresses and keys
    • Run the script
  • Server has 1000 accounts pregenerated and you can send using


   "from": 0,
   "to": 1,
   "amount": 1000
  • Valid response is
   "accepted": true
  • Batch size is 32 transactions, so you need to send this number of txes to start block commitment and proof generation process

  • UI lives here, you need to change

   const APIserver = ''

To something else


Plasma Winter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.