Mattermost Desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux
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Mattermost Desktop

Native desktop application for Mattermost running on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Originally created as "electron-mattermost" by Yuya Ochiai. Developed using Electron.

Mattermost Desktop Screenshot

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Desktop integration

  • Tabs for multiple teams across multiple servers
  • Desktop Notifications
    • Windows 10: Toast
    • Windows 7-8.1: Balloon (fallback behavior, so lesser support)
    • OS X: Notification Center
    • Linux: libnotify
  • Badges for unread channels and mentions
  • Installs as native application


You don't have to install any other software. Packages are available on the releases page.



Detailed guides are available at

  1. Download a file from the downloads page.
  2. Launch Mattermost in the unarchived folder.
  3. After first launching, please input name and URL for your Mattermost team. For example, myteam :


Ctrl or Command + Q to quit.


You can show the dialog from menu bar. (Please press Alt key to show the menu bar if it disappers.)

Configuration will be saved into Electron's userData directory:

  • %APPDATA%\Mattermost on Windows
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Mattermost on OS X
  • ~/.config/Mattermost on Linux

When you upgrade from electron-mattermost, please copy config.json from electron-mattermost. Otherwise, you have to configure again.


Normally, the application will follow your system settings to use proxy. Or you can set proxy by following command line options.

  • --proxy-server=<SERVER>:<PORT>
  • --proxy-pac-url=<URL>


Please see


Please see docs/