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Deploy Mattermost

Learn how to install, deploy, and scale Mattermost for teams and organizations of any size.

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    Prepare your Mattermost database </install/prepare-mattermost-database>
    Deploy on Ubuntu </install/install-ubuntu>
    Deploy using Docker </install/install-docker>
    Deploy with a tarball </install/install-tar>
    Deploy using Omnibus </install/installing-mattermost-omnibus>
    Deploy using Kubernetes </install/install-kubernetes>
    Deploy on Red Hat </install/install-rhel-8>
    Set up an NGINX proxy </install/setup-nginx-proxy>
    Set up TLS </install/setup-tls>
    Prepare for your Mattermost deployment </guides/prepare-for-your-mattermost-deployment>
    Deployment guides </guides/deployment-guides>
    Deploy Mattermost Apps </deploy/deploy-mattermost-apps>
    Upgrade Mattermost </guides/upgrade-mattermost>
    Scale Mattermost </guides/scale-mattermost>
    Deployment troubleshooting </guides/deployment-troubleshooting>
    Changelogs </guides/changelogs>
    Additional server installation guides </guides/additional-server-installation-guides>