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Integrations Overview


To see a list of open source integrations please see the Mattermost Integrations Directory

Mattermost offers a host of options for connecting to systems on your private network as well as services hosted on hybrid and public clouds.

Pre-configured integrations options include:

  1. Open source, self-hosted integrations (private and public cloud)
  2. Slack-compatible webhooks (private and public cloud)
  3. 700 app integrations using Zapier (public cloud only)
  4. Self-hosted bots interfacing to other systems (private and public cloud)

Custom integrations options include:

  1. Command line interface (private and public cloud)
  2. Custom applications using APIs and Drivers (private and public cloud)
  3. Slack-compatible Slash Commands (private and public cloud)

Pre-configured integrations

Open source, self-hosted integrations (private and public cloud)

A wide array of open source self-hosted integrations are available from the community applications directory.

Many of these use Mattermost incoming webhooks to deliver data into Mattermost from on-premises systems like Jira, Jenkins, GitLab and other popular products.

Slack-compatible webhooks (private and public cloud)

Mattermost webhooks are "Slack-compatible, not Slack limited". In applications supporting Slack webhooks you can replace the Slack webhook URL with a Mattermost webhook URL and the integration will work.

700 app integrations using Zapier (public cloud only)

Mattermost's Zapier support enables you to connect to over 700 public cloud services, like Email, Gmail, GitHub, Jira, BitBucket and Confluence.

Self-hosted bots interfacing to other systems (private and public cloud)

You can deploy interactive bots with Mattermost to issue commands and receive responses through a centralized interface. The Hubot open source project, created by GitHub, Inc., is among the most popular of the bot options.

Custom Integrations

Command line interface (private and public cloud)

You can send data into Mattermost real-time using command line tools by posting HTTP requests with JSON payloads into a Mattermost webhook. You can do this using curl or use an open source tool, like mattersend, to create an integration.

Custom applications using APIs and Drivers (private and public cloud)

Mattermost provides complete access to server APIs, along with language specific drivers to integrate into your own applications. You can also draw from dozens of open source applications to build your own.

Slack-compatible Slash Commands (private and public cloud)

In addition to built-in slash commands, Mattermost lets you add your own to execute commands and actions from the Mattermost user interface. The Mattermost slash command format is compatible with Slack's format, so you can re-create functionality your team had in Slack.