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Creating New Jira Bug Tickets

Bugs are any “obvious errors” on how the product or a feature is functioning as well as any UI issues. If you’re not reporting an obvious error, please file a Story ticket instead. Errors on unsupported platforms are not considered bugs.

1. Initial steps to access the "Mattermost" Jira project

  • Create a Jira account with your mattermost email address at
  • Ask to give your account permission to create Jira tickets in our Jira Configuration channel.
  • Create a ticket in Jira's "Mattermost" project following the next steps below with a note on its priority level.

2. Confirm you’re filing a new issue

  • Search existing tickets in Jira's "Mattermost" project to confirm your issue isn’t already filed by someone else.

3. Confirm the bug is not a confidential issue

  • If your issue involves security or if it involves confidential information or customer information, please mark the bug ticket as internal.

4. Information needed on Mattermost bug tickets

  • Labels: Add a customer-bug label if the ticket is based on a customer bug report. Add a community-bug label if the ticket is based on a community bug report.
  • Environment: Mattermost server and version, OS and version, Mattermost mobile app version, Mattermost desktop app version, any notable Mattermost configurations (such as HA, Elasticsearch, image proxy, SSO).
  • Steps to reproduce: How can we reproduce the issue.
  • Expected behavior: Describe what you’re expecting to see.
  • Observed behavior: Describe your issue in detail. What did you see happen? Please include relevant error messages and/or screenshots.
  • Regression: Please re-test your issue (if possible) on the previous Mattermost version at to see if the bug is a recent regression.

5. Additional helpful information

  • Summary: Add a summary and any additional relevant details of the issue if it helps make the bug more clear.
  • Attachments: Please include screenshots and/or videos of any helpful error messages and snippets of what you are seeing.
  • Possible fixes: If you can, link to the line of code that might be responsible for the problem.
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