Demo Chrome extension for Mattermost 5.2+
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Mattermost Demo Chrome Extension

This project demonstrates how to write a Chrome extension that uses OAuth 2.0 to connect to a Mattermost user's account.


Set up and Demo

  1. Clone this repository and cd into it:

    $ git clone
    $ cd mattermost-chrome-extension
  2. Create an OAuth 2.0 app on your Mattermost instance with these instructions

    • Make sure to copy the Client ID after the app is created
    • Optionally, you can mark the app as trusted so users do not need to click "Allow" for the app when they log in
  3. Configure the extension by modifying the constants in src/app/views/App.js:

    • Set MATTERMOST_URL to the URL for your Mattermost instance
    • Set OAUTH_APP_CLIENT_ID to the Client ID you copied last step
    • Optionally, set LOGIN_HINT to saml if your Mattermost users login using a SAML IDP. This will skip the Mattermost login page and go directly to the SAML IDP's login
  4. Install dependencies and build the extension:

    $ npm install
    $ npm run build
  5. Add the extension to Chrome:

    • Go to chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome browser
    • Click "Load unpacked" and navigate to and select your mattermost-chrome-extension directory
  6. Allow cross-origin requests from your Chrome extension to Mattermost:

    • Get the ID of your extension by looking at it's entry on chrome://extensions/
    • Set ServiceSettings.AllowCorsFrom in your config.json to chrome-extension://<your-extension-id>, e.g. chrome-extension://ajfkdfomehaklgdhggbfhhicchlangjp
    • Restart your Mattermost server
  7. Use the extension

    • In the Chrome toolbar a Mattermost logo should have been added, click on it
    • Click the "Click here to connect to Mattermost." button
    • Complete the login process and click "Allow" if prompted
    • Click on the Mattermost logo in the toolbar again, you should now see some of the user's information displayed

The Code

This extension uses React, though it is not a requirement for your extension.

The important demo code lives in src/app/views/App.js. Read the code and comments in there to get a better understanding of how it works.

Make sure your extension follows the OAuth 2.0 RFC for clients. The implicit grant flow is used.