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Executive Onboarding

For new executives joining the team, there is a high ROI for providing time for the leader to learn about the company and build relationships ahead of taking action.

Day 1-7 - Learning

  • Exec drafts plan and works with CEO to edit it in the first week
  • Joins leadership team meetings
  • Extra CEO 1-1 time (first 8 weeks)
    • 25m Monday and Friday meetings with CEO to mindmeld (cancel at exec's discretion)
    • Meetings cover company pitch, recruiting story, what's sacred and other topics
    • Gives opportunity for exec to dig in and find the "why" behind decisions
  • Exec may start with no directs and inherit them later after a plan is developed for each role

Day 1-30 - Planning

  • Understand the company and the team
  • Go through onboarding materials
  • Go deeper into the product
  • Build relationships and understanding with leadership team and broader team

Day 31-60 - Starting to execute

  • Develop concrete plans

Day 61-90

  • Start to see evidence of execution


  • Outside of a few exceptions, if onboarding has been done properly and an executive isn't working well with the rest of the team at 60 days, things are unlikely to significantly improve.
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