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Mattermost Antivirus Plugin

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Maintainer: @iomodo Co-Maintainer: @hanzei

This plugin allows the forwarding of uploaded files to an antivirus scanning application and prevents the upload from completing if there is a virus detected in the file. Use it to prevent users from inadvertently spreading malware or viruses via your Mattermost instance.

Currently the plugin supports ClamAV anti-virus software across browser, Desktop Apps and the Mobile Apps. ClamAV is an open source (GPL) anti-virus engine used in a variety of situations including email scanning, web scanning, and end point security. It provides a number of utilities including a tool for automatic database updates. A ClamAV server can be easily provisioned as a Docker container that runs alongside Mattermost.


  • Mattermost Server Version: 5.2+
  • ClamAV Server access


  1. Go to the releases page of this Github repository and download the latest release for your Mattermost server.

  2. In the Mattermost System Console under System Console > Plugins > Plugin Management upload the file to install the plugin. To learn more about how to upload a plugin, see the documentation.

  3. Install ClamAV (clamd) for virus scanning. One easy option is to provision a ClamAV container with Docker by running the following command. Assuming you have already installed Docker, this will download and install the latest version of ClamAV and set up a server with an open port at 3310: and MaxFileSize of 50 MB. Mattermost's MaxFileSize default value is subject to change. To ensure that the correct value is set, verify your value at the following link: Maximum File Size.

    docker run -e CLAMD_CONF_MaxFileSize=50M -d -p 3310:3310 mkodockx/docker-clamav
  4. Once clamd server is running, configure the plugin to make requests to your clamd instance. Go to System Console > Plugins > Antivirus and configure Clamav Host and Port to point at your clamd instance.

  5. Activate the plugin at System Console > Plugins > Management and ensure it starts with no errors.


To test your configuration is correct, create an EICAR test file (copy the text from that webpage into a text file editor and save it) and upload it. The file should be rejected as below:

Screenshot of Anti-virus in action

Upload a regular file to ensure it is processed successfully and posted to the channel.

If there is an error with your setup - check your ClamAV server setup and communication:

Screenshot of Anti-virus plugin showing a server error


Antivirus plugin for scanning files uploaded to Mattermost





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