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"id": "jenkins",
"name": "Jenkins plugin",
"description": "Jenkins plugin for Mattermost",
"homepage_url": "",
"support_url": "",
"icon_path": "assets/icon.svg",
"version": "1.0.0",
"min_server_version": "5.12.0",
"server": {
"executables": {
"linux-amd64": "server/dist/plugin-linux-amd64",
"darwin-amd64": "server/dist/plugin-darwin-amd64",
"windows-amd64": "server/dist/plugin-windows-amd64.exe"
"settings_schema": {
"header": "To report an issue, make a suggestion or a contribution, or fork your own version of the plugin, [check the repository](",
"settings": [
"key": "JenkinsURL",
"display_name": "Jenkins URL",
"type": "text",
"help_text": "The URL for your Jenkins instance. Must start with http:// or https://. For example:"
"key": "EncryptionKey",
"display_name": "At Rest Encryption Key",
"type": "generated",
"help_text": "The AES encryption key used to encrypt stored access tokens."
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