Build scripts and templates for writing Mattermost plugins.
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Sample Plugin Build Status

This plugin serves as a starting point for writing a Mattermost plugin. Feel free to base your own plugin off this repository.

Getting Started

Shallow clone the repository to a directory matching your plugin name:

git clone --depth 1

Edit plugin.json with your id, name, and description:

    "id": "",
    "name": "My Plugin",
    "description": "A plugin to enhance Mattermost."

Build your plugin:


This will produce a single plugin file (with support for multiple architectures) for upload to your Mattermost server:


There is a build target to automate deploying and enabling the plugin to your server, but it requires configuration and http to be installed:

export MM_SERVICESETTINGS_SITEURL=http://localhost:8065
export MM_ADMIN_USERNAME=admin
export MM_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password
make deploy

Alternatively, if you are running your mattermost-server out of a sibling directory by the same name, use the deploy target alone to unpack the files into the right directory. You will need to restart your server and manually enable your plugin.

In production, deploy and upload your plugin via the System Console.


How do I make a server-only or web app-only plugin?

Simply delete the server or webapp folders and remove the corresponding sections from plugin.json. The build scripts will skip the missing portions automatically.