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Poll plugin for Mattermost
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Matterpoll is a plugin for Mattermost. It allows users to create poll by using a slash command.


  1. Go to the releases page of this GitHub repository and download the latest release for your Mattermost server.
  2. Upload this file in the Mattermost System Console > Plugins > Management page to install the plugin. To learn more about how to upload a plugin, see the documentation.
  3. You should set Enable integrations to override usernames and Enable integrations to override profile picture icons in System Console > Custom Integrations to true.


You can configure Matterpoll from System Console > Plugins > Matterpoll.

  • Trigger: Change trigger word for poll command. (default /poll)


/poll "Is Matterpoll great?" creates a poll with the answer options "Yes" and "No". You can also leave out the double quotes and just type /poll Is Matterpoll great?.

If you want to define all answer options by yourself, type /poll "Is Matterpoll great?" "Of course" "In any case" "Definitely"- Note that the double quotes are required in this case.

Poll Settings

Poll Settings provider further customisation, e.g. /poll "Is Matterpoll great?" "Of course" "In any case" "Definitely" --progress --anonymous. The available Poll Settings are:

  • --anonymous: Don't show who voted for what at the end
  • --progress: During the poll, show how many votes each answer option got
  • --public-add-option: Allow all users to add additional options


Matterpoll supports localization of user specify messages. You can change language of poll message by setting it in System Console > General > Localization > Default Server Language. Language of messages that only a user can see (e.g.: help messages, error messages) use the language set in Account Settings > Display > Language.

The currently supported languages are:

  • English
  • France
  • German
  • Japanese


Pressing the poll buttons does nothing and creates a 400 error in the Mattermost log

Make sure to set your Site URL properly. For example, this error happens in case you set SiteURL starting with http://, in spite of running Mattermost server through https.


We welcome contributions of any bug reports, issues, feature requests, feature implementations and pull requests. Feel free to file a new issue to join the Matterpoll channel on the Mattermost community server.

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