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Commit history

  • Fixed a problem with the load path.
  • Added format: to the HTTP wrapper with 5 supported formats supported that sets the content type accordingly.
  • Default HTTP Content-Type for POST like requests is back to being form url encoded.


Commit history


  • Added support for symbols as selectors to the KVO module.
  • Improved the RSSParser by providing a delegate to handle errors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the way JSON payloads were handled in the HTTP wrapper.
  • Fixed a bug with the way the headers and content types were handled in the HTTP wrapper.


Commit history

  • Added BubbleWrap::Reactor, a simplified implementation of the Event Machine API on top of GCD.
  • Added upload support to the HTTP wrapper.
  • Added BubbleWrap.create_uuid to generate a uuid string.
  • Added a program progress proc option to the HTTP wrapper.
  • Added a RSS parser.
  • Added a camera wrapper.
  • Split the various wrappers in self contained and requirable libraries.
  • Added a wrapper around the location/gps APIs.
  • Added a merge method to the persistence layer so multiple values can be saved at once.
  • Added a way to create UIColor instances using a hex string: '#FF8A19'.to_color or color keyword: 'blue'.to_color, 'dark_gray'.to_color.


Commit history

  • Improved the integration with RubyMotion build system.
  • Improved test suite.
  • Added better documentation, including on how to work on the internals.
  • Added a KVO DSL to observe objects.
  • Renamed Device.screen.widthForOrientation to Device.screen.width_for_orientationandDevice.screen.heightForOrientationtoDevice.screen.height_for_orientation`.
  • The HTTP wrapper now encodes arrays in params in a way that's compatible with Rails.


Commit history

  • Refactored the code and test suite to be more modular and to handle dependencies. One can now require only a subset of BW such as require 'bubble-wrap/core' or 'bubble-wrap/http'


Commit history

  • Added App.run_after(delay){ }
  • HTTP responses return true to ok? when the status code is 20x.


Commit history

  • Major refactoring preparing for 1.0


Commit history

  • Minor fix in the way the dependencies are set (had to monkey patch RubyMotion)


Commit history

  • Added network activity notification to the HTTP wrapper.
  • fixed a bug in the NSNotificationCenter wrapper.


Start packaging this lib as a gem.