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The MrStuff package provides wrappers for Cocoa APIs that are more familiar to Rubyists.

So far, there is a wrapper for NSTask (MrTask), and associated wrappers for NSNotificationCenter, NSTask, and NSFileHandle.

MrNotificationCenter integrates with other Cocoa wrappers as follows:

  • Wrappers have an #ns_object method which returns the original NSObject
  • A NOTIFICATIONS constant is provided, which provides shorter Symbol names for each notification provided by the original Cocoa class.

For instance, you can do the following:

task ="/usr/bin/ls")
MrNotificationCenter.subscribe(task, :done) do |notification|
  # notification.object is the MrTask
  # notification.object.ns_object is the wrapped NSTask

However, the wrapper provides improved async APIs. For instance:

task ="/usr/bin/ls")
task.on_output do |output, notification|
  # When the task gets data in its stdout, this event
  # is triggered. A String is provided, rather than
  # forcing you to extract the data from notification.userInfo
  # and initializing a new String from the data.
  # Note that the block arguments are optional

The above example could be reduced even further to:

MrTask.launch("/usr/bin/ls", "/") do |out, err, notification|
  # This block is triggered once the task is terminated,
  # and provides a String for both the standard output and
  # error.
  # The block arguments are optional

Other events are also available as needed:

task ="/usr/bin/ls")
task.on_done do |notification|
  # This event is triggered once the task is done.
  # You can call notification.object.standard_output
  # or notification.object.error_output to get a
  # String for the outputs.

As you can see, the APIs are fairly flexible and allow you to approach the same problem in different (asynchronous) ways. At the same time, common tasks are wrapped up with appropriate async callbacks.

task = MrTask.launch("/usr/bin/ruby", "-e", "'sleep'")
task.kill do |notification|
  # This will be the :done event