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WeaselDiesel Changelog

All changes can be seen on GitHub and git tags are used to isolate each release.


  • Remove deprecated #controller_dispatch.


  • Move documentation generation from wd_sinatra into Weasel-Diesel.
  • Drop support for Ruby 1.8.7.
  • Fix rspec deprecation: expect { }.not_to raise_error(SpecificErrorClass)
  • DSL now only extends the top level main object.


  • Added support for anonymous top level arrays.


  • Modified the way an empty string param is cast/verified. If a param is passed as an empty string but the param isn't specified as a string, the param is nullified. So if you pass {'id' => ''}, and id is set to be an integer param, the cast params will look like that: {'id' => nil}, however if name is a string param and {'name' => ''} is passed, the value won't be nullified.


  • All service urls are now stored with a prepended slash (if not defined with one). WDList.find(<verb>, <url>) will automatically find the right url even if the passed url doesn't start by a '/'. This should be backward compatible with most code out there as long as your code doesn't do a direct lookup on the url. The reason for this change is that I think I made a design mistake when I decided to define urls without a leading '/'. Sinatra and many other frameworks use that leading slash and it makes sense to do the same.

  • Adding a duplicate service (same url and verb) now raises an exception instead of silently ignoring the duplicate.

  • Upgraded test suite to properly use WDList.find.

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